Black Overhead Garage Door Torsion Spring

As the newest of torsion spring options, Powder coated-baked gloss finish wire springs provides optimal resistance to corrosion; ideal for high humidity applications . Many customers like the coated garage door torsion spring for its visual appeal, strength and clean surface, Clean appearance-minimize oily handprint on the door when installing.

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Product Detail


Material: Meet ASTM A229 Standard
Inside diameter :1 3/4’, 2’, 2 5/8’, 3 3/4’, 5 1/4’, 6’
Length : Welcome to custom all kind of length
Product type:Torsion spring with cones
Coated: High-tensile Black Coated
Assembly service life : 18,000 cycles
Manufacturer warranty: 3 years
Package: Wooden case


High-lift and vertical-lift doors
· Roll-out garage doors on tracks
· Heavy-duty overhead doors at industrial loading docks
· Hinged garage doors
· Most other styles of residential and commercial automatic and manual garage doors
. Residential Sectional Garage Doors

Torsion spring counterbalance the weight of your shutter door to ensure easy lifting.

Technical Data

As the newest of torsion spring options, Powder coated-baked gloss finish wire springs provides optimal resistance to corrosion; ideal for high humidity applications . The springs are undeniably the unsung heroes of your garage door. In essence, they do all the heavy lifting while the garage door ‘opener’ functions as a regulator and subsequently facilitating smooth and pleasant downward or upward motion. While these components are remarkably durable and rugged, even the toughest of them will wear out and require replacement after continual usage over the years. We specialized in manufactured from high-tensile, oil-tempered spring wire, meeting ASTM A229 and lasting nearly 18,000 cycles.

Spring Size

Torsion springs inside dia: 1 3/4” , 2” , 2 5/8” , 3 3/4” , 5 1/4” and 6”
Wire sizes ranging : 0.192″,0.207, 0.218, 0.225, 0.234, 0.243, 0.250, 0.262 to 0.273″, 0.283″, 0.295″ etc

Understanding Garage Door Torsion Spring

Tianjin Wangxia Garage Door Torsion Springs are manufactured from high-tensile, oil-tempered spring wire, best material . Both the winding and stationary cones are professionally installed for safe operation.Long lasting corrosion resistant coated steel coils to help slow rusting process over spring life .This garage door spring is coated for clean handling, has the dimensions stenciled on it for easy identification.Garage doors use helical torsion springs. These are metal wires twisted into a coil shape, or helix, with sideways forces. This is opposed to shear stress, which is the application for torsion bars. For garage doors to open and close effectively, it’s important to have quality manufacturing in your torsion springs. Poorly manufactured torsion springs can break easily, leading to very unhappy homeowners and increased garage repair expenses.We do this to ensure you can always find exactly what you’re looking for to create your products. As your torsion spring supplier, we can also create custom products that meet your exact specifications. After all, your customers and their homes and businesses are unique, and they often need unique overhead door solutions. Find the unique torsion spring garage door parts your products demand when you choose to work with Tianjin Wangxia Spring.

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