120′ Oiled Tempered Industrial Roller Shutter Door Torsion Spring

Tianjin Wangxia Roller Shutter Door Torsion Springs are manufactured from high-tensile,oil-tempered spring wire, meeting ASTM A229.All our Springs are factory lubricated to minimize friction and corrosion while increasing the spring cycle life.

Roller shutter door springs counterbalance the weight of the door to make it easy to open and close.They serve the same purpose of counterweights used to balance doors in centuries. Thus, the durable wire spring and assembly technology are essential considering the reliability and safety over a very long period of time.

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Material: Meet ASTM A229 Standard
ID:1 3/4’, 2’, 2 5/8’, 3 3/4’, 5 1/4’, 6’
Length : Welcome to custom all kind of L
Product type:Torsion spring without cones
Coated: Oiled tempered
Assembly service life : 18,000 cycles
Manufacturer warranty: 3 years
Package: Wooden case


· High-lift and vertical-lift doors
· Roll-out garage doors on tracks
· Heavy-duty overhead doors at industrial loading docks
· Hinged garage doors
· Most other styles of residential and commercial automatic and manual garage doors

It’s also called Snake spring and long torsion spring .
Torsion spring counterbalance the weight of your shutter door to ensure easy lifting.

Long lasting Corrosion resistant coated steel coils to help slow rusting process over spring life .

Technical Data

As professional Springs manufacturer and supplier, all our Self Storage Roll Up Door Springs are made by high-tensile and oil-tempered spring wire, meeting ASTM A229 standard.

We provided a wide selection of Galvanized Garage Door Springs, in 1.75” , 2” , 2 5/8” , 3 3/4” , 5 1/4” and 6” inside diameters in multiple wire sizes ranging from 0.162″, 0.177″, 0.182″, 0.192″, 0.207″, 0.218″, 0.225″, 0.234″, 0.243″, 0.250″, 0.262″, 0.273″, 0.283″, 0.295″ ,0.393″, 0.406″ to 0.437″ . , with max length 160″.

How to Extend Roll Up Door Springs Service Life?

During make a Roll Up Door, each spring should be coated with a generous amount of grease that penetrates the innermost pores of the spring with additives, displacing moisture and preventing the formation of rust and corrosion. In addition, this process relieves the friction created between spring coils, thereby providing a smoother door operation. Finally, the spring and axle assembly is enclosed in a tube to protect them from the elements encountered throughout the life of the door.

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roller shuttter door spring

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